Current Production

Frayed Knot Theatre Company

April 2020 production

Wed 1st - Sat 4th April

DFC & Never The Twain

Never the Twain

(Double Bill)

At the David Evans Court Theatre, Pendley, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 5QY
(Map Ref: SP 9414 1200)

The two short plays in this double bill could hardly be more different - D.F.C. deals with love, loss, regret and the repercussions of actions that happened to three people in World War II and their impact about 50 years later. This play was premiered by Frayed Knot back in 1993 and was tremendously well received - it is one that will stay long in your memory. Having made you thoughtful in the first half, after the interval we present a completely different kind of play with the surreal comedy Never the Twain - eight short interconnected dialogues with subjects as diverse as lost souls and lost soles - guaranteed to send you home smiling.

Ellen   Jenny Winfield
Stan   Stewart Collins
Peter   Will Scott
Young Stan   Ian Sheard
Young Harry   David Wells

Never the Twain
Carol   Regina Dobbs
Brian   Rob Farrow
John   Jake Arkell-Hardwick
Vicky   Penny Pomroy
Karen   Micky Scott
Linda   Alisha Westbury
Harry   David Wells
Peter   Dan Clucas

Wednesday & Thursday £10 concessions £8
Friday & Saturday £12 concessions £10

Available from CTL website or from Beechwood Fine Foods, 42 Frogmore St, Tring

(Click on CTL Website link for direct access to ticket purchasing page)

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FK Calendar at The Court
Year Season  Booked Dates (Get-in) Run  Show
2019 Spring  (31st Mar) 3rd - 6th Apr  NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR
  Autumn  (17th) 20th - 23rd Nov  MACBETH
 (29th Mar) 1st - 4th Apr  D.F.C. & NEVER THE TWAIN
  Autumn  (25th) 28th - 31st Oct  THE WITCHES
2021 Spring  (11th) 14th - 17th Apr  TBA
  Autumn  (14th) 17th - 20th Nov  TBA
2022 Spring  (3rd) 6th - 9th Apr  TBA
  Autumn  (13th) 16th - 19th Nov  TBA

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